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Hey! Humans!!! A mere $3 will buy you a ticket to a geek paradise for one night! Maybe you've heard about's truly awesome it's:

The THIRD OFFICIAL SUPER-NERD NIGHT event featuring Magic:TG, video-games, anime/animation, chip-tunes, artwork, drinking, and drawing is coming up on a Monday again, this time in December!!!

Doors open at 7pm (when the sealed deck even for MTG begins, which is $20 and includes your cover charge...the event is 3 rounds swiss and will be sanctioned for 8 or more players, basic land provided by Astrokitty Comics), at which time the Drink & Draw (we provide the drawing surfaces and supplies, but you can bring your own if you want) area will be ready to go! We have a different "theme contest" each time around so you can either just draw whatever you like or compete in the contest or BOTH! :)

Not long after, the multiplayer games on old-school gaming systems will be set up for people to play while getting a drink at the bar (order from our list of geek-friendly mixed drinks)!

At around 9pm, Sean Wilson will begin DJing chip-tunes!

Shortly after that (at about 9:30pm), you can enter in a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 tournament to win a prize (free/practice play of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 will proceed for about the hour leading up to the event at least...)!

At 10:30pm, we'll start a Magic: The Gathering booster draft! That's $12, btw, for those who are interested. It's single elimination and you keep what you draft (basic land borrowed by Astrokitty Comics)!

At midnight, we'll announce the winner of the DRINK & DRAW theme contest and they'll win a pitcher of beer!

Come out in costume and you'll get a free prize! Could be cards, an action figure, something comic or gaming related? Only way to find out is showing up in costume! :)

There might be an additional system set-up for mini-events on the side, like a Wii or don't fret if you're not a fighting game champ! :)

PLUS, we'll have prints on sale by Mr. Ben Rumback, Mr. Joel Pfannenstiel, and Mr. Jacob Rhodes!

AND, artwork generated via previous Drink & Draw events will be on sale CHEAP and proceeds go (as always) to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

SUPER NERD NIGHT 3 @ The Jackpot Saloon, 943 Mass, December 28th, 7pm-2am, 18 to enter, 21 to drink, $3 entry (or $20 for MTG Sealed event w/ entry fee waived)
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